'Borrow' a subdomain of guild-site.com!

Ahoy, folks!

So I had originally registered this domain to use for various guilds of my own (or any friends/family that may want a free subdomain of it).  After all, being able to save money by using a generic top-level domain and specific subdomains is a pretty nifty thing, right?  However, I realized that more folks would probably benefit from it as well!  Therefore, I decided to add it to the listing on http://freedns.afraid.org.

To get a free subdomain, just go to FreeDNS and sign up for a free account.  Once registered, click the "Registry" link, then type in "guild-site" in the search box in the upper-right.  Click on the guild-site.com result, then choose a subdomain and input any other appropriate information.


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